Map of Smrecany village

Near our accommodation you can visit the Village Museum - discovering history in form of experience that will appeal to your children well (50 m from the accommodation) or the oldest building in Smrečany - Gothic church - a jewel among the Slovak Church, which was built in r.1349 and can be found in the list of national cultural monuments. (30 m)..


Do you want to walk a nature trail along the stream Smrečianka and take a bath in the natural swimming pool "Hučalo"


or extend your walk to the memorial to the victims of fighting World War 2 on the Háj - Nicovô (3,5 km away) and enjoy the beautiful view of the entire Liptov, Smrečany or Baranec, which rises above Žiarska valley.. 


In case of bad weaher, you can visit a pottery workshop (250 m) with the possibility to produce their own products or discovered the secrets of a old mine "Medvedia štôlňa" in the valley Žiarskej

Smrečany - sport activities 


Not far from the accommodation (150 m) you will find multifunctional playground with artificial grass (tennis, volleyball, football) and asphalt court (in winter hockey, skating, in summer in-line hockey, street hockey, florball...). X-Sport area only 2 km from the village Smrečany offers a variety of sports, fun and adrenaline activities and attractions (fishing, off-road, paintball ...).


Sport facilities enables numerous bike paths, mechanicaly prepared tracks for cross country skiing, unfrequented roads with a good surface for roller skates or a mini gym (200 m).