Winter in the Žiarska valley will enjoy every lover of skiing and skimountaineering.

Skimountaineering Žiarska valley

The Žiarska Valley is a center of the famous Central-European skimountaineering race - Bokami Západných Tatier . Tthanks to the wide range of possible ski tours is one of the most attractive valley for skimountaineering in the whole Tatras. You can find here appropriate track not only for experienced skiers, but also for beginners... 

Skialp-Ziarska_dolina-skialpinizmus_lyzovanie-Zapadne_Tatry-Hruba_kopa-Tri_kopy-Smutne_sedlo_Bokami    Skialp-Ziarska_dolina-skialpinizmus_lyzovanie-Zapadne_Tatry-Hruba_kopa-Tri_kopy

Complete beginner we recommend a ski-hike to Žiarska cottage or continue to Žiarske or Smutne saddle. Experienced skiers will certainly enjoy ascent and downhill of  Plačlivé or Baranec and for the most experienced there is possibility of extreme skiiing in steep couloir from Tri kopy, Banikov or Prislop.


Skimountaineering in Žiarska valley - an exception for spring skiing.

In the Ziarska valley the is officialy allowed spring skimontaineering in the Ziarske saddle and on west face of Baranec in "Jarný žĺab" - Spring couloir - place where you can find a snow also in last  May days. 

   Spring skiing in Tatras

Warning avalanches !

Skimountaineering in Ziarska valley coul be very dangerous in case of bad weather. A degree of  avalanche danger you can find on website of mountain rescue servise - and according to him, adapt the planned hike, with the choice of which

we will be glad to advise you !


Possibility of renting ski mountaineering equipment !

In cooperation with we offer to you possibility of renting skimountaineering equipment in advantageous prices.



Downhill skiing in Žiarska valley

If you prefer downhill skiing you can vistit near small ski resort  Žiar – Dolinky . You can find here two skilifts and artificially snowed slope suitable especaly for beginners or children. 

There are many other ski resorts, for example Závažná Poruba - Opalisko, Pavčina Lehota or the biggest ki resort in the Central Europe - Jasná Nizke Tatry  


Cross country skiing Žiarska valley :

If there is enought snow in Ziarska valley cross-country skiing fans will find there preparated trails for classic and skating.


Cross-country skiing Žiarska Valley - mechanically prepared trails :

- Smrečany – Žiarska valley (8 km, meadows circuits bellow Žiarska valley nears ski resort Dolinky )

- Háj-Nicovô (2nd world war monument)- Smrečany - Žiarska valley (10 km)

- Trail to the Žiarska cottage (5,3 km, the traditional route of the race - Žiarska valle yski uphill run  up to Žiarska cottage)

bezecke-lyzovanie-ziarska-dolina_smrecany_dolinky_bezky_zima   Bezecke_lyzovanie_Ziarska_dolina_smrecany