Smrecany village is a gate to the Western Tatras through Ziarska valley.


The Rohace mountain ridge is the most famous and the most visited part of Western Tatras. You can enjoy a view to the valley from Baranec, Ostry Rohac, Banikov or Tri kopy mountains.


For less demanding tourists or families with children is an interesting destination Žiarska cottage with near Sarafiou vodopad - waterfall and symbolic cemetery for victims of the Western Tatra. You can ride a scooter down Žiarska valley and visit old mine named Medvedia stôlna.



Experienced hikers will certainly appreciate the difficult hike through Rohace ridge, which is near the top of Ostrý Roháč and in section Smutne sedlo (saddle)- Tri kopy - Baníkov secured by chains, which is great for lovers of adrenaline challenge.


Hiking Ziarska valley – the highest peaks :

- Baranec – 2184 m.n.m.
- Baníkov – 2178 m
- Hrubá kopa- 2166 m
- Príslop – 2142 m
- Tri kopy – 2136 m
- Plačlivô – 2126 m
- Ostrý Roháč – 2088 m

Do you want to hike in the Ziarska valley and Western Tatras, but you can not choose an appropriate tour? We advise you! 
Hiking Žiarska Valley - hiking trails: 

- Žiarska valley  – Žiarska cottage - Smutné saddle - blue marked path 
- Žiarska cottage - Žiarske saddle – green mark 
- Žiarska cottage  - Príslop - Baníkov – green mark  
- Žiarska valley - Baranec - Plačlivô - yellow mark
- Žiarska valley - Račkova or Jalovecká valley  - red mark  (Tatranská magistrála - the trail connecting the lower parts of valleys)
- Baníkov – Hrubá kopa - Tri kopy - Smutné sedlo - Plačlivô– Ostrý Roháč -  red mark ( main ridge of Western Tatras)

Západné Tatry turistika

Accommodation under Žiarska valley offers for lovers of hiking starting point from which can make tips not only to the valleys of the Western Tatras - Rohace, but also can hiking in the nearby Low and High Tatras or Choc mountains...