The story of our house
Where did you come ? At the place where you spend your holiday took place in the past, things that we sometimes impact on the wider environment such as our village. The house where you are located precisely between two cultural monuments in the village, which are admitted to the Slovak central list of monuments. And so it was a bit mysterious, according to oral tradition led them right next to our house and a secret underground passage.
The oldest monument is near the ancient hill Hrádok which in its belly hides the remains of the old fort and the other is adjacent Gothic church, which our famous photographer Karol Kallay included in its publications Wonders of Slovakia. If you want to know more, just around the corner next door is our small local museum. Learn about yet quite little known bishop Čobrda, which was perhaps one of the few Slovaks persecuted during the three-state regimes and writer Fraňo Kráľ, who as a barefoot boy went to the forbidden fruit in the manor gardens of Smrečáni family at the exact spot where our house stands. It is famous for being the story of JANO books by this author. In close proximity is also Smrečani family mansion. You are located in fact historical center of our village, where several of the ancient noble family Smrečáni acted as an important ruler of the region Liptov and Orava.
We are proud of our history and we want to our ancestors who bravely lived here for years, have made a good name. Therefore, we will do everything in our power to make you feel comfortable with us and happy to come back here.
We wish you a beautiful and peaceful holiday in Smrecany.
Our family.
We are all close to the tourism. Everyone helps around our Recreational house according to their possibilities.
Father - Vladimir studied at the Faculty of Economics of Services and Tourism in B.Bystrici. He currently works already the fourth parliamentary term as mayor in our village.
Mother - Zuzana worked before maternity leave at that time the largest and most expensive hotels "Janosik" in Lipovský Mikulas and is now dedicated to our guests  since the end of the last millennium.
As true citizens of Liptov we keep sheep, goat and most recently a young cow, so our children have traditional Slovak names.
Our guys Kubo and Maťo are skiers since their childhood. They started with downhill skiing and now compete in skimountaineering. The oldest Kubo did cross-country skiing before and Maťo played football. They know a lot of hills and visited almost all ski resorts, even many in the Alps. In the summer they are biking and running especially in the Tatra mountains, so they will be glad to recommend you a interesting route.
The greatest traveler is Božka, because she lives in 4th place (Košice, Prešov, Spiš and now Liptov.) We got her from the orphanage and lives with us from hes three years. Since she fist time saw the sea she is still dreaming of warm countries, although, paradoxically, she loves ice hockey and spends most of the winter at near ice rink :-)
The youngest Annie is 7 years old and her responsibility is to try and test new slides, swings, trampolines in playground behind Recreational house.
So tourism in our blood, we understand you, we want to you feel good and like to remember holiday in Recrational house Shalom.
The Hebrew word shalom is best known as a greeting wishing peace.
Shalom can translate in many ways. Choose from these meanings according to the Bible Dictionary: to be safe, sound, healthy, perfect, complete, signifies a sense of well-being and harmony both within and without  - Completeness, wholeness, peace, health, welfare, safety, soundness, tranquility, prosperity, fullness, rest, harmony; the absence of agitation or discord, a state of calm without anxiety or stress...
What can be more in this busy world today especially on holiday wish?
We wish you all this in words, greetings or wishes SHALOM!